The Story So Far

I was born in San Antonio, TX mumble years ago. Dad was in the military so we moved around a bit, but never stationed overseas. Over the years we lived in Texas, Florida (twice), Maryland, California and in 1991 my parents dropped me off at my current resting place: Fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

I was interested in art from an early age, influenced by my sister who is actually more talented  than I was. I started out with calligraphy where I learned to control lines, then moving on to pencil drawings, etc. I was a fine art major in college for a while but never finished to get a degree. I ultimately realized I didn't have the drive to really make a go at a career as an artist. 

Over the years since moving to Las Vegas I've had lots of jobs and somehow managed to luck into an entry position in a great organization where I flourished and developed a career as a data analyst. I've been there about twenty years now.

Still, the creative spirit has never left me and I love to make things. I've taken classes at the community college in ceramics, watercolors, drawing and sculpture. Yarn arts are my current passion and have been for quite some time. There are always so many new things to learn! If I live to be 100, I'll probably not even get around to making even half the things I'd like to.